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Who We Are

Over 4 years ago  the MAW team back then were a small bunch of university programmers.

They were looking for passive income in providing intelligent, affordable web brand building and management solutions to small and mid-scale businesses.

As technology evolved from basic static websites to end to end brand management across several channels, MAW realized that most of the web site development companies “lacked” –

  • Effective end to end brand management online
  • Provided ONLY templated options to make a web site
  • Continuous improvement options of your brand as your business grows

What we felt as pain for several customers to solve, finally evolved in what we believe is the “North” star of how each piece of online brand management lifecycle is managed.

The same delivered @ scale which defies laws of economics. Check out our industry defining $99 per month costing and the benefits we provide to you on our learning expense.

Our S.M.A.R.T website offering is a culmination of learnings into a machine learning algorithm oversighted by experienced designers. This engine learns continuously as we add 100s of website through the same, at last count 410+ and counting. The more we grow the more we can help your web site “self-learn” and think how to be better to increase customer stickiness and increase your exposure.

We welcome you to try us! If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service we will offer to build, host, and maintain your web site for 1 year FREE! of cost.